South America Drive

About Us


Hi! My name is Molly.  I lived most of my life in Minnesota.

My husband, Chris, spent most of his life in Wisconsin.

I married Chris in 2005. Second marriage for me, first for him. Two years into our marriage, I was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. I am still here even though I was only given two years to live. The up side to cancer… was the catalyst for this adventure. We had done a 6 month trip to Europe and Africa in 2009, but we were ready for a longer adventure. Since we had never been to South America we chose to start in Uruguay.

In November 2012 my husband and I left for what we thought would be a year traveling through South America. We shipped our car and brought our two dogs. We just hit 1000 days on the road. We are currently in Argentina  and plan to stay here until November or December.

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