South America Drive

In Uruguay…missing my bed!

November 21

“What do I miss….my bed from home. Our bed is super uncomfortable. It is rock hard! I have to turn all night because my arms fall asleep”

The hardest bed!

The hardest bed. I love to read and work in bed, but I did not last long on this one!

OK. Nothing is worse than a really hard bed. I think they buy beds that will never wear out. We loved our apartment, but dreaded sleeping on this mattress. We finally put a quilt between the bottom sheet and the mattress…it helped a little. We ran into this problem a number of times. Our quilt got lots of use, just not the way we thought it would. Over time we started reading reviews about a place to see if anyone mentioned the bed.

When traveling, sleep is a necessity. It is hard to feel like going out to do things and see stuff when you can’t keep your eyes open.


I ended up working on the couch – probably better anyway.

I have always liked working and reading while sitting in bed. That was not going to happen here. The bed was even too uncomfortable for that!

We preferred a king size bed if one was available. Chris is a big guy and some queens seemed more like a full size. Also, we had the dogs to consider. It seems like the dogs took half the bed. between Chris and the dogs, there was not much space left for me. Usually, if a king was offered, we knew it would most likely be two twin mattresses pushed together. This was fine as long as the two beds stayed together. One place actually put a king topper over the twins – nice!

One thing I do look forward to is sleeping in my super comfy bed back home.

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